Tequila Mockingbird first opened it’s restored doors in August 2016. Once a paddington terrace, now a cozy but energetic Latin American Restaurant  impressively designed by Luchetti Krelle (Bar Brose, The Centennial, Acme and The Butler). The team itself are a host of hospitality professionals, chosen by owner Michael Fegent not only for their  professionalism in service but also the character and warmth each team member brings to the floor. It's this unique team that transforms Tequila Mockingbird from a restaurant, to an experience. 

Meet the Team

Owner - Michael Fegent

Owner - Michael Fegent

Michael Fegent

Inspired by his favourite New York based Mexican restaurant La Esquina, and experience with Peruvian cuisine during his time at Sake, Michael Fegent began the Tequila Mockingbird venture joining forces Regan Porteous (Toko, Riley st Garage) to create a menu concept. Together they ventured through South America identifying stand out elements of Latin American cuisine and developing those flavours into a bold Latin American menu with a modern twist. Michael values hospitality and all it encapsulates, it's this value that acts as the driving force behind the outstanding service and world-class menu on offer at Tequila Mockingbird. 

Reuvin Lim

Reuvin heads the Tequila Mockingbird team as restaurant manager bringing with him a wealth of hospitality experience from 20 years spent in the industry. Reuvin has an impressive resume being part of the opening team for 7 restaurants across Sydney, including; Sake, Balla, Cho Cho San, and Gowings Bar and Grill. Reuvin chased work to the east coast, from Perth in early 2000 and now finds it hard to imagine a finding a home in anywhere but Sydney. Reuvins' passion in his work radiates through his dedication to his team and providing an outstanding guest experience.