Dine Pink - Ladies Lunch

We’re teaming up with the Breast Cancer Network Australia this October and inviting you and the girls to ‘Dine Pink’

Whether you’re overdue for a catch up, have something to celebrate, or simply want to participate in a good cause, book yourselves in to our ‘Dine Pink Ladies Lunch’ on Friday 27th & Saturday 28th October.

From 12-3pm enjoy bottomless Bellinis with a bold and fresh 6-dish menu for $70pp, with $10 from every participating guest donated to the Breast Cancer Network Australia.

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And if you don’t have a reason to get the girls together, we've got 5!

1.     She can help you avoid breast cancer: University of Chicago researchers identified social isolation and stress as contributing factors to breast cancer risk.

2.     She lowers your blood pressure: Studies show loneliness can cause or exacerbate high blood pressure.

3.     She’s better than the gym: Hanging out with the girls more frequently is shown to effect better results at the gym.

4.     She’s helps you stress less: Women are hard-wired to nurture and befriend when they’re stressed, and, in the process, release their stress and move on with their lives much more quickly and healthily.

5.     She helps you get more shut-eye: It may just be that extra bottle you shared over lunch, but spending quality social time is proven to improve your quality of sleep.



Ceviche taco aji amarillo

Shiso cured salmon carpaccio, wild rice, passionfruit

Eggplant nacho’s, aji panca & ricotta

BBQ chicken, tamarind, crispy scallion, confit ajo

Baby Gem lettuce, Huancaína dressing

Sheep yoghurt semi-freddo, rhubarb

Tequila Mockingbird