Don Julio Tequila Tasting Dinner

Wednesday 2nd August 6.30pm

Tequila cruda (that salt, lime, shot, oblivion thing)... has its place, but whatever tequila you’re shooting, it actually took a minimum of eight years to get to the glass. Time and respect should be paid. Which is why we're welcoming our international Don Julio Brand ambassador Katie Nagar to guide you through Don Julio’s range of Tequila. Our resident bartender, Mark Crawford has created a cocktail menu highlighting the characters of each base Don Julio spirit while co Head Chefs’ Matty Taylor & John Frid have meticulously paired a four course food offering to have you Mexico dreamin’ by the end of the evening. 
This Tequila tasting dinner offers tastings of 4 Don Julio spirits, Anejo, Repasado, Blanco & 1942. 3 Don Julio cocktails paired with a generous 4 course meal. This exclusive event is priced at $120pp. Book Now to guarantee your spot.

Tequila Mockingbird