Street Style Sunday

Sunday 27th May | 12-6pm

In collaboration with Corralejo Tequila, JedWines and Meteoro Mezcal.

This Sunday the 27th of May, we’re making way for complimentary tasting stations, street snacks and sombreros! We’re service as usual upstairs on level 1 while down at street level we welcome Street style Sundays.

As part of our street style event we are offering complimentary tastings of Corralejo’s tequila range presented by importer director of Tequila Corralejo Australia - John Wood. Come inside & taste a Argentinian Malbec with the head winemaker of Jed wines before heading over to our Just Sip station where Tona Trejo - importer of mezcal will be showcasing samples of the premium mezcal brand - Meteoro.


Blanco, Reposado & Anejo


What's the difference?

BLANCO Blue agave spirit in its purest form, clear & typically un-aged.               

REPOSADO Blue agave spirit aged in wood barrels between 2 & 11 months.      

AÑEJO Blue agave spirit aged in maximum 600L barrels between 12 months and 3 years

EXTRA AÑEJO Blue agave spirit aged in maximum 600L barrels for minimum 3 years plus

MEZCAL Any type of agave distillate made inside the nine states covered by the denomination of origin. Made in a more traditional and hands on method.

Like what you've tasted?

Choose from a Corralejo Tequila Mockingbird, a Jedwines Malbec or a Meteoro Jem Finch cocktail paired with a Latin tasting board for just $25PP.

JEM FINCH - Meteoro mezcal, Apple liqueur, sugar syrup, lemon juice & fresh mint

THE TEQUILA MOCKINGBIRD - Corralejo blanco, St Germaine elderflower liqueur, jalapeño, cucumber, lemon, agave.

LATIN TASTING BOARD - Salmon gravlax spoon, pickled watermelon, pink grapefruit | Pulled pork taco, pickled jicama, lime crema, salted ricotta | Charcoal chicken & mushroom empanada, olive, sultana

Fiesta the afternoon away with drink specials available until 6pm including $7 Jed Malbec | $10 Corralejo Mockingbirds | $10 Meteoro Jem Finch

Latin tasting board & Choice of Beverage $25pp



Walk-ins also welcome.


About Corralejo

Several years ago, John Wood, owner and director of Tequila Corralejo Australia travelled to Mexico for his 40th birthday.  Having grown up a stone’s throw across the border in San Diego, California and spending a lot of time camping, surfing, eating and drinking tequila in Baja, Mexico, this trip was somewhat of a sentimental homecoming.  One evening on the beach in Mexico, John was reunited with the distinctive Corralejo Reposado tequila.  After sharing a few drinks amongst friends (now amigos) he decided that he had to bring this tequila back to Australia and spread the word about what a good tequila should taste like. 



About Jed Wines 

Each year, Jed’s three Australian winemakers travel to Mendoza, Argentina, to produce wines that express the unique characteristics of the region.

After studying winemaking together the trio worked vintages in Australia, France, North and South America in search of ideal vineyard sites. This search lead them to the Uco Valley in the South of Argentina’s Mendoza region, one of the world’s true frontier wine regions.

Altitude, intense UV light and pure snow melt from the Andes Mountains make Mendoza a remarkable place to make wine. The cooler climate of the southern Uco Valley with limestone soil, provides the opportunity to produce wines with great character.


About Meteoro

Tona Trejo is Sydney's Corralejo representative as well as an importer for Meteoro Mescal! 
Originally hailing from Mexico, Tona appreciates all things agave and wants nothing more than to share the taste of Mexico with all Aussies.
Tona prefers the original, peppery tastes of Blanco, as that is tequila in it's purest form.

Tequila Mockingbird